WPA Clear Stuff

WPA Clear Stuff
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Clear Stuff Contact Lube and ReNu


  • WPA CLEAR STUFF applied without first applying BROWN STUFF can often clear up a noisy pot or switch on it’s own, so a good strategy is to try CLEAR STUFF first.  If the problem goes away….you’re done.   If the problem comes back that’s a sign that you need to do the BROWN STUFF treatment.
  • Note on CLEAR STUFF:  this is Miller Stephenson MS-739 which is only sold by the ½ liter and up….very expensive in those quantities.   It’s a high tech chemical yet safe, but don’t drink it.   It’s thinner than water, even thinner than alcohol, and has the property of spreading out over a surface.   Use the needle applicator to put WPA CLEAR STUFF right on the contact, but if you can only get near the contact, as when switches are closed but for a small opening, rest assured the CLEAR STUFF will spread out in all directions including onto the contacts.
  • As with BROWN STUFF, work the switch 10 or 20 times after application of CLEAR STUFF to assure thorough distribution onto contacts.

  • Contact cleaners that are oily have that oil to protect the contact from air to prevent re-oxidation.  That can work fairly well but WPA CLEAR STUFF is far superior in preventing re-oxidation.
  • Wipe any mess from above procedures with paper towel/rag wetted with common surface cleaner, like ammonia in water (for instance, Windex).
  • 1 ounce  (used judiciously lasts a long time)
  • Brand: WPA
  • Product Code: WPA-CHE-Clear-Stuff-01
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  • $12.50 ea

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