Ampex AM10 Mod

Ampex AM10 Mod

Ampex MX10 Mod

Ampex AM10 Direct Out Mod

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Front Panel Controls:


  1. MIX, MIX+DIR, DIR allow signal to be sent to Mix only, Mix and Direct Out, or Direct Out only
  2. Phase Reverse Switch
  3. Mute switch mutes signal to mix, but not Direct Out
  4. 600 switch engages a 600 ohm load. This switch is to be enaged when the Direct Out signal feeds equipment that does not have 600 ohm input. Output transformers used in this design sound best when terminated with 600 ohms.

Ampex MX10 Mod

Ampex AM10 Direct Out Mod Extension Chassis inside view

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Extension Chassis inside view:


  1. Discreet Opamps are used to buffer Am10 level pot and drive the output transformer.
  2. Output transformers provide balanced output and warm sound
  3. Power supply employs toroidal transformer for zero induced hum pickup.







Ampex AM-10 Mic Pre Mixer Mod:


The Ampex AM-10  is a fine little mixer from the early/mid transistor era.  The circuitry is very basic Class A resulting in an overall smooth, clean sound.  The microphone input transformer is interesting in that it is very small...sometimes referred to as a “thumb” transformer.  Usually a small transformer lacks low end response, as theory says it will saturate easily and thus attenuate peaks of low frequency signal.   Somehow the  thumb transformer in the AM-10 is able to pass low frequencies with minimal saturation. The saturation or loss of low frequencies is evident when the the signal from the mic is on the hot side, yet still the AM10 manages to sound pretty good.  A fine sounding little mixer to be sure, but it has it’s drawbacks.


This Mod came about from customer’s requests to have a more complete set of mic pre controls added on to the AM10 to overcome limitations to actual practical use in music and sound recording.


The Drawbacks  angry:

  1. All 6 channels mix into either A or B outputs, or both, limiting usefullness in multitrack recording situations. There are no Direct Outs for each input channel.
  2. No input pad 
  3. No phase reverse
  4. No phantom power
  5. No Mute switch


The Solution laugh:

A chassis extension is added underneath the original chassis.  The needed extra circuitry is added in the extension chassis and wires run between it and the original chassis. For each channel any or all of the following features can be added:

  1. Direct Outputs are added for each channel using discreet opamps and output transformers. A 600 ohm load switch adds the needed load when outputs are connected to bridging inputs, which is often the case.
  2. A -20 db input pad is added
  3. A phase reverse switch is added
  4. Phantom power switches and phantom power supply are added
  5. A mute switch is added.


See Details for more info.

Price is for modification labor and parts.  Does not include unit to be modified.

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