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API Mic Pre 500 series from 325 card

API Mic Pre 500 series from 325 card  An API 325 card can be mounted into a 500 series size module chassis and outfitted with necessary controls to be a fully functional professional mic pre. This Mod came about from customer’s requests to make something useful from 325 cards they had sitting on a back shelf collecting dust.The Drawbacks  :Not much you can do with a 325 card as is, except keep as a spare for your API console.The Solution :Mount the 325 card into a sub chassis so it can plug into a 500 series rack and add a mic transformer.  &n..


Focusrite 315 Mod

Focusrite 315 ModThis mod is intended to improve the transparency of the Focusrite 315.  As the 315 is primarily used by Mastering Engineers it is they who have noticed a lack of transparency not only when the EQ is engaged, but even when it is inserted in the signal chain with EQ bypassed. The Problem: Too many audio coupling caps in the signal chain The balanced input stage circuit is overdesigned and a signifiant cause for the lack of transparency On transformer balanced models the transformers are not totally transparent.  Rarely if ever is a transformer “transparent” to the exte..



Glass Fuse – cartridge style ..


Gates SA39 mod

Gates SA 39 mod: This mod turns a somewhat unusable Gates SA39 limiter into one of the most impressive limiters ever!  Capitalizing on a fantastic design by the brilliant Gates engineers this mod eliminates drawbacks to practical use in the recording of music while preserving and even teasing out a bit more of the inherent impressive sound.  The result is a totally usable fat, warm and punchy sound equal to but not surpassed by just a few other similar units. It does improve the sound passing through it. It calls attention to the instrument or vocal being recorded.&n..



Pro Audio Gear Racking:  We'll Rack any module! Virtually any console module or other audio module can be racked up for use in the studio or in the field. Here are a few samples of gear that has been racked up at World Pro Audio.​   WPA Module Racks have WPA internal power supplies fitted with toroidal transformers for zero added hum & buzz. Other racking outfits use off-the-shelf internal power supplies that don’t have toroidal transformers and thus often impart some hum in the outputs.   Most racks are built so that the modules can be extracted for service, making removal of the entire ra..


List of Equipment Repaired (partial)

Repair 3M overdub premaps    Repair A-Designs RedDi     Repair Adam 7 speaker    Repair Adcom GFA-555     Repair Adcom GFA555 amp    Repair ADL 1000     Repair ADR Compex F760sX-RXRepair ADR 769X VS    Repair ADR F70     Repair ADR F769X-R     Repair ADR F760 Pair    Repair ADR F760X-N     Repair ADR F760X-RS     Repair ADR Gemini Easy RiderRepair AKAI M80  &n..


List of Test Jigs on hand (partial)

 3M Overdub AmpAllison Gain BrainAllison KepexAltec 458Altec 459Ampex 102 / 104 I/O moduleAmpex 440 bias cardA,mpex 440 channelAPI_312API 325API 440 faderAPI 515AAPI 515EAPI 525API 528API 550API 550AAPI 560API 650 power suppyAPI_575API 812API 940API 2604API relay cardAuditronics 501Auditronics A30Auditronics PS30Auditronics IME 110BEMT 140Harrison 3232KRK M8T speakersLang PEQ4Langevin 5116Langevin 5116bLangevin 5117MCI 400 moduleMCI 600 power supplyMCI JH24 repro cardMCI ..


Orban Optimod 8100A 8180A mod

Orban Optimod 8100A and 8180A mod: The Orban 8100A and 8180A processors were originally designed for broadcast audio ( radio and tv stations), with secret circuitry to keep high frequencies optimized even when the received signal is weak or wavering, such as near the edges of a broadcast stations allotted range.  Additionally these processors evened out high frequency differences between songs, commercials and announcer voice. These processors and others like it can actually improve a recording that is a bit dull relative to the norm, and record buyers have often remarked that the vinyl or cd etc they purchased did not ..


Phase Linear 400 mod

Phase Linear 400 Mod: The Phase LInear 400 and 700 amplifiers are among the best ever transistor amplifiers ever sold.  The circuit is an excellent example of both simplicity and sophistication.  A huge, high quality power transformer backs of the need for transient handling typically needed to reproduce music.  The large number of output transistors allows for music to to spend more time in the more linear part of the transistor.  Opinions as to the excellence of the circuit may vary, but the experience of the sound and music reproducing capabilities of this is hard to dispute.  For one thi..


Pro Audio Equipment Modification

Pro Audio Equipment Modification Sometimes you need a piece of gear to work a little differently than it was intended to work.  World Pro Audio can help. Some things we've done:Console monitor section tied in to stereo bus via pushbutton Phantom power retrofit Monitor fader feeds multitrack busses in mixdown mode Solo in place added to afl solo only consoles Fader automation retrofit Discrete Outputs added to vintage mixers, also phase reverse, phantom power and pad switches Summing bus upgrades Reduction of hiss and hum Conversion of stock tape recorder channels to full featured mic pres..


Pro Audio Repair - Bench Repairs

Pro Audio Repair Repair of pro audio equipment, with emphasis on repair of vingage tube equipment and repair of discrete transistor equipment. We have the tools and experience to find and fix what ails ‘er. Pro Audio repairs are made with both analog and computer based test equipment, integrated through our proprietary Super Test Jig, which brings speed and accuracy to the repair bench.  Over 25 years of wide ranging repair experience backs up the entire operation.  We emphasize competency, thoroughness and honesty. A unique feature of repairs at WPA is that &..


Quad Eight Pacifica, Quad Eight Ventura Control Room Module mod

Quad Eight Pacifica, Quad Eight Ventura Control Room Module Mod:     The Drawbacks  :The fantastic clean and punchy sound of the Ventura (or Pacifica) stereo output bus was somewhat diminished when monitoring it via the Control Room Module.  The Solution :Two integrated circuit opamps in the Control Room Monitor circuit are replaced with discreet Quad Eight AM-10 opamps.      ..