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Audio Switch Cleaning

Audio Switch CleaningAs audio equipment ages all contact surfaces, that is switches and connectors, become oxidized and can develop a minutely thin coating of plain old dirt (airborne contaminates like tobacco smoke, other kinds of smoke, soot, smog and super-fine dust). This condition can render a piece of equipment intermittent of unusable. This can be very aggravating, especially if the unit is otherwise valuable or just valuable to you.   There are many sprays on the market that claim to clean up dirty and oxidized switch contacts. Some of these work on very lightly oxidized and dirty contacts, but they are useless ..


Pro Audio Equipment Checkout

Pro Audio Equipment Checkout and PreSale Checkout World Pro Audio can check out equipment prior to sale or purchase.Sellers often want to know what is and isn't right about a piece of equipment so that repairs can be made or issues disclosed to the purchaser to avoid post sale headaches. Buyers want to know what is and isn't right about a piece of equipment so that they can make informed purchase decisions.  Many pieces of pro audio and vintage audio gear are well worth owning for the sound that only they have, but if they've fallen into disrepair they may not be worth the trouble, or else the purcha..


Consultation via Skype

Consultation via SkypePro Audio and Music Studio technical problems sometimes require on-site review just to put them into persective.  But you’re studio is far from Los Angeles and far from World Pro Audio level of expertise and experience.    No Problem…  The problem can easily be examined anywhere on Earth via Skype.  With a camera attached to your computer or even with your cell phone, the sound and image of the problem can be beamed to WPA Headquarters in Los Angeles.   This service is especially useful for:Tape Recorder mechanical problems Tape Recorder Alignment Weird recording ..