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List of Test Jigs on hand (partial)

 3M Overdub AmpAllison Gain BrainAllison KepexAltec 458Altec 459Ampex 102 / 104 I/O moduleAmpex 440 bias cardA,mpex 440 channelAPI_312API 325API 440 faderAPI 515AAPI 515EAPI 525API 528API 550API 550AAPI 560API 650 power suppyAPI_575API 812API 940API 2604API relay cardAuditronics 501Auditronics A30Auditronics PS30Auditronics IME 110BEMT 140Harrison 3232KRK M8T speakersLang PEQ4Langevin 5116Langevin 5116bLangevin 5117MCI 400 moduleMCI 600 power supplyMCI JH24 repro cardMCI ..


Pro Audio Repair - Bench Repairs

Pro Audio Repair Repair of pro audio equipment, with emphasis on repair of vingage tube equipment and repair of discrete transistor equipment. We have the tools and experience to find and fix what ails ‘er. Pro Audio repairs are made with both analog and computer based test equipment, integrated through our proprietary Super Test Jig, which brings speed and accuracy to the repair bench.  Over 25 years of wide ranging repair experience backs up the entire operation.  We emphasize competency, thoroughness and honesty. A unique feature of repairs at WPA is that &..


Pro Audio Tape Recorder Repair

Pro Tape Recorder Repair World Pro Audio has the tools, expertise and experience to return Pro Tape Recorders to like new condition.  Below is a list of Pro Tape Recorder repair and refurb services available at WPA:Repair of malfunctioning circuits Thorough cleaning of pots, switches and connectors Relay contacts cleaned or relays replaced Electrolytic caps replaced as needed, and all electrolytic caps replaced if particularly old. Vacuum tubes replaced as needed Unstable pots and trimpots replaced Brakes adjusted Bearings replaced Pinch roller retreaded Bias oscillators tuned or trimmed up ..


Pro Audio Pot and Fader cleaning

Potentiometer and Fader Cleaning​ Pots (potentiometers)and faders often become so scratchy and intermittant that they can render a piece of equipment unusable. This is usually caused by either or both dirt and wear.   Pots are made in both sealed and open types. The sealed types are usually well made and rarely get dirty but they can become scratchy from wear. They have to be opened to clean. Open type pots are easier to clean but are often of lower quality so they wear faster. The Holy Grail of audio pots and faders is the conductive plastic and cermet elements. When pots are made of either of these two ele..


Pro Audio Recapping

Recapping – Electrolytic Capacitor Replacement​Virtually all audio gear uses electrolytic caps in the signal path and virtually all electrolytic capacitors need replacing sooner or later. If your audio equipment is 7 to 10 years old it may need caps replaced. If your gear is more than 10 years old it's almost a for sure. The nasty aspect of electrolytic cap failure is that it happens very gradually at first. For instance, sonic degradation may be occurring gradually from year 7 to year 12, so gradually that if you use the gear regularly your ears will adapt and it's likely that you won't notice the losses (un..


Pro Audio Switch Cleaning

Pro Audio Switch CleaningAs audio equipment ages all contact surfaces, that is switches and connectors, become oxidized and can develop a minutely thin coating of plain old dirt (airborne contaminates like tobacco smoke, other kinds of smoke, soot, smog and super-fine dust). This condition can render a piece of equipment intermittent of unusable. This can be very aggravating, especially if the unit is otherwise valuable or just valuable to you.   There are many sprays on the market that claim to clean up dirty and oxidized switch contacts. Some of these work on very lightly oxidized and dirty contacts, but they are usel..


Consultation via Skype

Consultation via SkypePro Audio and Music Studio technical problems sometimes require on-site review just to put them into persective.  But you’re studio is far from Los Angeles and far from World Pro Audio level of expertise and experience.    No Problem…  The problem can easily be examined anywhere on Earth via Skype.  With a camera attached to your computer or even with your cell phone, the sound and image of the problem can be beamed to WPA Headquarters in Los Angeles.   This service is especially useful for:Tape Recorder mechanical problems Tape Recorder Alignment Weird recording ..