Pro Audio Equipment Modification

Pro Audio Equipment Modification

Pro Audio Equipment Modificationx


Sometimes you need a piece of gear to work a little differently than it was intended to work.  World Pro Audio can help. Some things we've done:

  • Console monitor section tied in to stereo bus via pushbutton
  • Phantom power retrofit
  • Monitor fader feeds multitrack busses in mixdown mode
  • Solo in place added to afl solo only console
  • Fader automation retrofit
  • Discrete Outputs added to vintage mixers
  • Summing bus upgrades
  • Sonic improvement



Below are examples of Pro Audio Modifications that have been done over the years at World Pro Audio:

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Phase Linear 400 mod

Phase Linear 400 Mod: The Phase LInear 400 and 700 amplifiers are among the best ever transistor amplifiers ever sold.  The circuit is an excellent example of both simplicity and sophistication.  A huge, high quality power transformer backs of the need for transient handling typically needed to reproduce music.  The large number of output transistors allows for music to to spend more time in the more linear part of the transistor.  Opinions as to the excellence of the circuit may vary, but the experience of the sound and music reproducing capabilities of this is hard to dispute.  For one thi..


Quad Eight Pacifica, Quad Eight Ventura Control Room Module mod

Quad Eight Pacifica, Quad Eight Ventura Control Room Module Mod:     The Drawbacks  :The fantastic clean and punchy sound of the Ventura (or Pacifica) stereo output bus was somewhat diminished when monitoring it via the Control Room Module.  The Solution :Two integrated circuit opamps in the Control Room Monitor circuit are replaced with discreet Quad Eight AM-10 opamps.      ..