Pro Audio Repair - Bench Repairs

Pro Audio Repair - Bench Repairs
  • Repair of Langevin 5116b2 channels & 2 probes to test jig
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Pro Audio Repair


Repair of pro audio equipment, with emphasis on repair of vingage tube equipment and repair of discrete transistor equipment. 

We have the tools and experience to find and fix what ails ‘er. 

Pro Audio repairs are made with both analog and computer based test equipment, integrated through our proprietary Super Test Jig, which brings speed and accuracy to the repair bench.  Over 25 years of wide ranging repair experience backs up the entire operation.  We emphasize competency, thoroughness and honesty. 

A unique feature of repairs at WPA is that  photos, audio samples and computer graphs are taken and posted online for the customer’s review.  It’s a sort of medical-dental approach that brings certainty of good documentation and customer confidence to the repair operation.  Click here for a sample of a repair document online  file


  • Brand: WPA
  • Product Code: Pro Audio Repair - Bench Repairs
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  • $88.00 / hr, 1hr min

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