Orban Optimod 8100A 8180A mod

Orban Optimod 8100A 8180A mod

Orban Optimod 8100A and 8180A mod:


The Orban 8100A and 8180A processors were originally designed for broadcast audio ( radio and tv stations), with secret circuitry to keep high frequencies optimized even when the received signal is weak or wavering, such as near the edges of a broadcast stations allotted range.  Additionally these processors evened out high frequency differences between songs, commercials and announcer voice. These processors and others like it can actually improve a recording that is a bit dull relative to the norm, and record buyers have often remarked that the vinyl or cd etc they purchased did not sound as good as it did when they first heard it on the radio.



Sometime in the early 1980s some music recording engineers and producers began using the processors during the music recording and mixing phases.  Not a lot is known about exactly how these processors were used during production...it’s thought they were used selectively on individual instruments and maybe sometimes, but not too often on the entire mix.


Despite the completely unique  and desireable sound their use was not too common because they had one major drawback:


The Drawbacks  angry:

  1. The amount of added high-frequency was not adjustable, and during music production was often just way too much.

The Solution laugh:

  1. The solution requires only adding a couple resistors and pots at just the right point in the circuit to get total control over the amount of added high frequency emphasis.


See Details below for more info.

Price is for modification labor and parts.  Does not include unit to be modified.

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