Ampex 601 mod

Ampex 601 mod
Rack Mount Ears$85.00
Bottom Panel55.00
Mic Input transformer75.00


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Ampex 601 Mic Pre Optimizaton Mod:


This mod turns a somewhat unusable Ampex 601 electronics channel into a damn good mic pre, in the way of a oddly well working old car that has some bonafide character.   While it’s not the Everest of Mic Pres, when well modified, it’s one that you will be happy to own and probably never sell.   It’s hard to describe mic pre character with written word, but one thing is easy enough to be said of this mic pre, namely it is warm sounding and there’s nothing thin about it.    ‘

The Drawbacks  sad:

  1. Most common drawback is that the unit has been botched up a bit by amatuer dabblers.
  2. A bit hummy
  3. No Input Pad
  4. No phase reverse
  5. No high Impedence input
  6. No phantom power


The Solution laugh:

  1. Previous bad mod work is undone
  2. Some improvement to ground wiring results in hum reduction
  3. A high quality rotary switch is added in place of Input/Tape switch to serve as -20db PAD 
  4. A high quality rotary switch is added in place of Line Rec Level pot to serve as Phase Reverse
  5. A high impedence input is added in place of headphone jack
  6. Phantom power can be added 

(Price is for modification labor and parts.  Does not include unit to be modified.)

(Repairs not included)

  • Brand: WPA
  • Product Code: WPA-Mod-Ampex-601
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $375.00

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