Pro Audio Tape Recorder Repair

Pro Audio Tape Recorder Repair
  • Repair of Tape Recorder channel on bench
  • Tape Recorder Gain Matching
  • Vintage tape recorder refurbishment
  • Well aligned tape path
  • Checking heads for wear
  • Tape Recorder calibration
  • Going deep into Scully Multitrack Recorder underside
  • Ampex vintage logo
  • 24 track head needs lapping
  • Recap of vintage Ampex 351
  • Simple Repairs - pilot lamps
  • Tape Recorder Pinch Roller refurbishment
  • Tape Recorder motors cleaned and lubed
  • Scary underside of Ampex 351 1/2 machine
  • Quality new parts used in refurb
  • MCI JH-24 power supply refurbed like new
  • Delicate repairs of head transformers by v8.7

Pro Tape Recorder Repair


World Pro Audio has the tools, expertise and experience to return Pro Tape Recorders to like new condition.  Below is a list of Pro Tape Recorder repair and refurb services available at WPA:

  • Repair of malfunctioning circuits
  • Thorough cleaning of pots, switches and connectors
  • Relay contacts cleaned or relays replaced
  • Electrolytic caps replaced as needed, and all electrolytic caps replaced if particularly old.
  • Vacuum tubes replaced as needed
  • Unstable pots and trimpots replaced
  • Brakes adjusted
  • Bearings replaced
  • Pinch roller retreaded
  • Bias oscillators tuned or trimmed up
  • Tape path corrected as needed (guide pins rotated to fresh face, capstan motor leveled, non-working tape lifters and head gates brought back to life
  • Tape speed measured and trimmed to spec
  • Tensions set with calibrated Tentelometer
  • Heads relapped or replaced if needed (when replacement heads are available)
  • Head position adjusted (height, wrap, azimuth, zenith)
  • Full calibration with MRL test tapes


  • Brand: WPA
  • Product Code: Rep-ProTapeRecorder
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $88.00 / hr, 1hr min

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