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Pro Audio Repair - Bench Repairs

Pro Audio Repair Repair of pro audio equipment, with emphasis on repair of vingage tube equipment and repair of discrete transistor equipment. We have the tools and experience to find and fix what ails ‘er. Pro Audio repairs are made with both analog and computer based test equipment, integrated through our proprietary Super Test Jig, which brings speed and accuracy to the repair bench.  Over 25 years of wide ranging repair experience backs up the entire operation.  We emphasize competency, thoroughness and honesty. A unique feature of repairs at WPA is that &..

$44.00 / 0.5hr, 1hr min

WPA 1U Electronic Chassis

WPA 1U Ready ChassisThe WPA Ready Chassis 1U may be the first quality, off-the-shelf  1U electronic chassis ever designed for SPEED of project build !!!!Ready Chassis is one of the three part Ready System for speed and quality build. Part 2 is Ready-Supply (power supply pcb and kit), Part 3 is Ready-Panel front panel templates.Main Features:Aluminum = lightweight one piece (except for the lid) = no assembly needed Provision of holes and cutouts for: Standard IEC 320 connector (for “computer power cord”) 115/220 switch. fuseholder. chassis ground lug TO-..


XLR Pigtail - Female

Cable, XLR Female to spade lugs, 1ft ..

$15.00 ea

XLR Pigtail - Male 2-3 Days

XLR Pigtail - Male

Cable, XLR Male to spade lugs, 1ft ..

$15.00 ea

Pro Tape Recorder Repair

Pro Tape Recorder Repair World Pro Audio has the tools, expertise and experience to return Pro Tape Recorders to like new condition.  Below is a list of Pro Tape Recorder repair and refurb services available at WPA:Repair of malfunctioning circuits Thorough cleaning of pots, switches and connectors Relay contacts cleaned or relays replaced Electrolytic caps replaced as needed, and all electrolytic caps replaced if particularly old. Vacuum tubes replaced as needed Unstable pots and trimpots replaced Brakes adjusted Bearings replaced Pinch roller retreaded Bias oscillators tuned or trimmed up ..

$44.00 / 0.5hr, 1hr min

Audio Switch Cleaning

Audio Switch CleaningAs audio equipment ages all contact surfaces, that is switches and connectors, become oxidized and can develop a minutely thin coating of plain old dirt (airborne contaminates like tobacco smoke, other kinds of smoke, soot, smog and super-fine dust). This condition can render a piece of equipment intermittent of unusable. This can be very aggravating, especially if the unit is otherwise valuable or just valuable to you.   There are many sprays on the market that claim to clean up dirty and oxidized switch contacts. Some of these work on very lightly oxidized and dirty contacts, but they are useless ..

$44.00 / 0.5hr, 1hr min