API Mic Pre 500 series from 312 card

NEW! API Mic Pre 500 series from 312 card

API Mic Pre 500 series from 312 card



An API 312 card can be mounted into a 500 series size module chassis and outfitted with necessary controls to be a fully functional professional mic pre. 

This Mod came about from customer’s requests to make something useful from 312 cards they had sitting on a back shelf collecting dust.

The Drawbacks  angry:

  1. Not much you can do with a 312 as is, except keep as a spare for your API console.

The Solution laugh:

Mount the 312 card into a sub chassis so it can plug into a 500 series rack. Include the following controls:

  1.  -20 db input pad.
  2. Phase reverse switch.
  3. Phantom power switch.
  4. Gain Pot



Price is for modification labor and parts.  Does not include unit to be modified.

  • Product Code: WPA-API-312-mod
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $300.00

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