Consultation via Skype

Consultation via Skype


  1. Some field triage is recommended in order to determine if the entire machine must come to the shop, or only parts of it.
  2. I recommend triage by Skype.  What's needed on your end is cell phone with camera and Skype installed on it.  Install Skype and test to be sure it is working.  Alternatively a camera attached to computer/notebook will do if it's cable is long enough to move it all around the tape recorder or if it is wireless.  
  3. If camera close up resolution is not too good then during triage I may ask for some pics.
  4. Do you have MRL calibration tape? This is a must-have.
  5. Tape is needed...should be less than 5 years old, but an older tape that is in really good condition will be OK.
  6. Tape Recorder must be connected to a mixer so all channels can be heard.
  7. An oscillator must be available and it must be possible to send oscillator signal into all or any one track of the tape recorder.  (If not possible to put osc into all, most of the triage can still be performed but will take more time)  Oscillators are available for Apple and PC ‘puters, as part of sound recording software or else stand alone and free versions may be out there.   Visual Analyzer is an example of such for PC: 
  8. The triage scene must be well lit and additionally a spot light of some kind is needed to see some things.  Spot light can be simple, cheap  work light from hardware store.  A mic stand is very helpful for holding and positioning the spotlight.
  9. Tools:
    1) a small screwdriver than can turn trimpots is required. 
    2) a mid sized screwdriver should be on hand.
    3) in the case of MCI, heavy work gloves or an oven mitt, as it will be necessary to press on some circuit boards while the power is on. 

  10.  A surprising amount of diagnosis can be done via Skype triage.

  11. Triage on a 16 or 24 track tape recorder usually lasts 1 to 1.5 hrs....the more prepared the customer, the less time spent on skype.
  12. Call to arrange Skype Consultation/triage.  Payment should be made via here before consultation begins.  Credit cards and Paypal accepted.


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Consultation via Skype

Pro Audio and Music Studio technical problems sometimes require on-site review just to put them into persective.  But you’re studio is far from Los Angeles and far from World Pro Audio level of expertise and experience.    No Problem…  The problem can easily be examined anywhere on Earth via Skype.  With a camera attached to your computer or even with your cell phone, the sound and image of the problem can be beamed to WPA Headquarters in Los Angeles.   This service is especially useful for:

  • Tape Recorder mechanical problems
  • Tape Recorder Alignment
  • Weird recording console / mixing desk problems
  • Hums and buzzes in the studio.


In some cases solutions will be found during consultation, in others a plan of further action may be drawn up.  


Call before purchasing to set time of Skype consultation.  323_285_6000


Minimum initial purchase is 2 half hour blocks.  Consultation can be extended beyond 1 hr in 1/2 hr increments. 


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